Andrew J Geiger - A very satisfied patient

Hales Corners, Milwaukee WI

Dr. Garg came highly recommended and I have been a patient of his for almost 30 years. He is well-trained and very professional in his practice of medicine. He is very approachable and takes time to answer my questions so I can make informed decisions about my health care. He is an excellent diagnostician and develop a definite plan for his patients. He is well-read and possesses an encyclopedic knowledge of both new and established medications. I trust him with my life!

Jennifer McLeod, President

Hartland Terrace Assisted Living, Hartland, Waukesha WI

We have worked with many physicians over the years, looking for the perfect fit to our “less is more” approach to healthcare.  Our previous physicians used medications to treat symptoms, and we wanted to partner with a physician that treated the underlying concerns with less medication and more lifestyle changes.  Using this philosophy, our clinical team has been able to decrease the amount of medications taken daily by our residents while promoting a healthier life style.  Dr. Garg has been a vital part of making our vision a reality, collaborating with our team and residents daily, if needed.  Dr. Garg has allowed our team to bring a more complete care to our residents, lessening hospital stays and giving his expertise while guiding a healthier journey. 

 Our family’s and residents love Dr. Garg for his ease in communication and willingness to treat our seniors, rather than giving an explanation of “they are elderly, it too late…”.  Dr. Garg takes the time to explain “why” he has chosen a certain treatment, instead of just prescribing; he genuinely cares for everyone he treats.  In addition, he shows respect to our clinical team, listening to our concerns and addressing even the smallest questions. 

The partnership of Visiting Medical Associates and Hartland Terrace Assisted Living is what makes our care the best in Waukesha County.  Together we bring the best in-home medical treatment to our residents, including blood testing, diagnostic imaging, hospice and rehabilitative therapy to allow our seniors to age in place.  We could not ask for anything better.