Visiting Medical Associates

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Visiting Medical Associates believes each and every patient deserves personalized care delivered with compassion and understanding.   VMA has put together a team of healthcare professionals and developed a program to achieve this goal.

Patients and their needs always come first for us.  VMA team does everything possible to provide the best quality care.  We bring comprehensive medical care to our patients in the comfort of their homes, instead of patients needing to go to the doctor’s office.

It starts with team seeing the patient at the earliest opening for new patients.  This is often the same or next business day for post hospital discharge patients.  Their hospital discharge medications are reviewed and appropriate medications are started at the earliest.

Follow-up visits are done based on individual patient’s needs.  Our team provides most of the services on-site, including blood draws for labs.  We can usually arrange for additional needed services on-site too.

Our doctors make efforts to talk to patients and their family members.  If family members can’t be present at the visit time, our doctors are happy to call them at their convenience.

We take great pride in being available to our patients and their families to address their concerns about medical needs.  Our doctors are always available during business hours and one of the doctors can always be reached 24/7 on the phone.